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Jennifer’s Gym Story 1 – Transformation

Jennifer shares her transformation story on getting off the couch and into the gym.

Moving forward without 45 pounds.

Gym newbies

Looking back on the transformation that took place within the last 19 months, I am confident to say that my life has turned into a story of not only forgiveness but finding what it means to be whole again. August 2017, I weighed in at 210 pounds, I was carrying the sadness and depression that kept me chained to the couch for over 12 years. Physically my body was shutting down, piece by piece, my kidneys were constantly inflamed, my liver ached, my thyroid stop producing necessary hormones, my skin was constantly red, my hair was falling out, my hands were going numb, anything and everything ached. My diet was nonexistent and soon to be my marriage. I had no drive to better myself, physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally, I completely checked out. On August 6, 2017 my best friend Sasha and I told ourselves, “No excuses!! We are going to the gym tomorrow at 4:00am in the morning to sign up for our gym membership!” In that moment, I took a step forward in the right direction and felt my motivation kick start.

So 4:30am, Monday thru Friday I was able to hit the gym. Turning my heartache, frustration and sadness into sweat. As the days rolled on, my weight started melting away and I was excited to feel my confidence once again. I was able to hold my head up and talk to people. I was able to hold myself accountable and make the necessary changes to help me further my physical goals. After completing various self-guided training plans (…really, they are Sasha’s ideas, more to share on this another time), I noticed that I needed more fitted clothing because my once size 18 and XXL shirts were starting to fall off.

Fast forward to just a few days ago, March 11, 2019, I celebrated my 37th birthday! I am here to share, I am 45 pounds lighter, I am stronger, I am faster and above all… happier!! The work put into my transformation for 19 months has been both rewarding and grueling. Now looking at the scale seeing 165 pounds, I can confidently look in the mirror and I see a beautiful woman… who is a bada$$! The journey to being a more physically sound women took a lot of balance, not only with the gym, but with my kids, my home life and my nutrition. I was literally eating myself to death 2 years ago. But through self-guided reading and practice, I have developed a new skill, I am a master meal prepper!! (…stay connected with us, to learn what our go-to ‘re-fuel’ meals are)!! So I’m happy to end this story on an inspirational note, “Don’t give up on yourself!” Once you plant that seed in your mind, let it flourish, with love, with kindness and with patience towards a healthier version of yourself.

Thank you, now into a size 12!

4 replies on “Jennifer’s Gym Story 1 – Transformation”

This is awesome. I am doing running medicine with my kids and have seen both of you at Defined Fitness working hard. So cool and congrats on your transformation!


Oh wow that is so awesome that you know us and have seen us working out at Defined Fitness. So excited to hear that you and your kids are involved with Running Medicine. Such a special and unique experience within that powerful circle of people, i’m so happy to hear about that. Well I do hope we run into you some day and introduce ourselves at a Running Medicine celebration. Also so grateful you took the time to read about the journey within this beautiful blog. Blessing to you and your family.


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