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Sharing how marathon training impacted us spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

The WHOLE idea of marathon training…

– Native on the Run
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Sasha’s thoughts: Thinking of doing a marathon was the easy part. In fact, I have thought about it for 15 years and attempted to put my thoughts into action 3 times. This time it is different, I am determined and after saying it, I put the plans into motion… bought the book Hanson’s First Marathon from Barnes and Nobles then started figuring out a plan. Getting past the idea that as a full-time career mom, I did not have the time but since I was already hitting the gym early in the mornings, the timing was perfect.

Planning a successful marathon

Jennifer’s thoughts: Being a novice runner, the mental challenge of turning “I can’t” into “I can” has been the transformation I’m taking hold of. Being able to wake up at 4 am and tackle the day’s workout has become a part of my mental toughness. Staying motivated and consistent was the biggest challenge that I’ve manage to mentally overcome. As the weeks and miles passed, I ended up injuring myself. Not once, but twice with shin splints and a pulled quad muscle. With 5 weeks left of training I find myself excited to jump back on the treadmill or run that long Sunday run along the Rio Grande River. Mentally, I’ve been able to keep my motivation on the upside despite the physical set backs.


Stop hitting the snooze button and run east Photo of the New Mexico Sandia Mountain Sunrise

Sasha’s thoughts: Having the discipline to not hit the snooze button and get out of bed is a daily challenge. In February, I logged the most miles ever; 189 miles to be exact with my friend Jennifer. Realizing this, I self-evaluated my body… and honestly, I was tired, especially my legs. Just last week, I encountered the physical feeling of dehydration. After a couple of my runs, I was nauseous. This was a new feeling for me. After various articles on running and nausea, I learned a new method to hydrating my body. I was back to logging my miles within several days… but my body was still feeling a bit sluggish. This made me take logging my hours of sleep more seriously.

Jennifer’s thoughts: For 19 weeks, waking up at 4am has become the normal in my daily routine in the midst of being a mother of 4. My body has slowly adjusted to the longer miles and constant motion of moving my body every morning. As I stated before the two injures have sideline me for a short time, but my body has been able to recover. With this marathon training plan, I’m constantly reminded that I need to trust the process, and I have trusted it. Today March 30th, I ran for the 1st time again in 19 days and I’m excited to feel the earth under my feet again. The training plan that I have entrusted has shown me much discipline on top of mental toughness.

Running places Photo traveling to Page, Arizona


Sasha’s thoughts: Yes, there are times in my training I cried… there were days I thought to be crazy for taking on such a big task to do a full marathon. Mostly because various parts of my life were in pieces, and having the doubt of whether I knew what I was doing played mind games with me every day. One of those scattered pieces in my life was losing a marriage. So instead of grieving over why me, I make the daily choice to get up and run… Running has turned my tears to sweat and my loss to wins!

Jennifer’s thoughts: As I pass that 3rd mile, I’m reminded that I am doing this training for myself.  For many years I chained myself to a very toxic marriage and relationship with myself. Breaking free of punishing myself for past mistake has given the new perspective that I am able to enjoy running for me. Not only do I feel accomplished but I feel happy before, during and after I run. This training program has helped me mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. As a Navajo woman, these four elements of training have helped me become whole again. As of today I’m very proud to know that I can and will finished that 26.2 in May.

Like rivers and streams, the path we run is not always straight or narrow, aerial photo of Alaska


Sasha’s thoughts: Though my life has its challenges, whether it is with my job, family or training… it’s eustress ‘GOOD stress’. I am learning and growing through this process. Numerous times I feel like I lose my footing but I get back up… just as my dad taught me to when I’d fallen from a horse. “I get back up!” As I move through my obstacles today, I have gained the spiritual knowledge to run with my life with God and not just during the times I feel lost. Looking past my failures, I am in constant prayer to fuel my spirit. Life gets tough but this journey is making me tougher from the inside out. I am stronger in my faith and it shows, one mile at a time.

Running is healing

Jennifer’s thoughts: Being able to run and patiently heal through this process I’ve included a lot of prayer with every run. When I’m in the zone after mile 3, I feel closer to my spiritual self as I’m passing every mile. Being able to have a conversation with God happens everyday, but he seems ever more present when I’m running. As I mature with my mental toughness and physical health, my spiritual self is being finessed as I get to run side by side with my spirit. This part of my training reminds me of my grandmothers, who were very spiritual by greeting the morning sun and ready to receive blessing for the day.

Hozho Naasha – Walk in Beauty Photo: Monument Valley

Thank you for taking time to read about our thoughts and following along our running journey. As we continue our training towards our first full marathon, we hope that in some way you will be inspired by a piece of our story of what we are sharing. More will continue to be shared, so stay posted!

Pray Strong Train Strong Finish Strong

– Native on the Run

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