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Muscles LOADING… please wait

After running our first full marathon, we knew our fit goals did not stop there. The move to a new place was not our only move, we have a new training plan and we just finished Phase 1! Here we go!

Phase 1 of 6 – The YEAR to our best self!

Author: Micheal Matthews

After running our very first full 26.2 mile marathon, our fitness goals still had momentum. Perhaps it was the natural boost of endorphins our bodies were getting from doing so many miles that we were only left with smiles. With so much to share from that story, we are ready to share what’s next!

Sasha’s motivation


I said it to myself. I am going to be an American Ninja Warrior. Once I said it… I got to do it!

Podcast Interview, Dizruns Radio

All I can do is try! Thinking of a goal for myself can be difficult at times. Only because I try to weigh the pros and cons then it becomes WHAT-IF battle scenarios with a hint of losing my self-confidence also known as ‘OVERTHINKING’. Basically, a recipe of finding an excuse! Haha… then I struck gold! I came across another training program. My confidence quickly soared from zero to “I GOT THIS!”

So here it is! Another Amazon purchase of three books, all by the same author Micheal Matthews; The Year One Challenge for Women, The Shredded Chef and Thinner Leaner Stronger. Before I write about the training, here is a flashback.

2017 gym noob photo

This photo should really be my “phase 1” picture at the gym! This August marks two years of consistently going to the gym… our GYM-niversary! Needless to say I have loss weight EVERY-where! My body, my clothes, my gear and my excuses! This has definitely been a journey of learning.

Reading the books have provided me more knowledge and understanding of my body while improving my gym confidence lifting weights. Switching gears mentally and physically from endurance cardio training to lifting heavy weights was not an easy transition. Therefore the break was necessary.

In fact it took a whole month to figure out the transition which was not the only change Jennifer and I made. We moved to a new state which changed our set routines. We now have a new home, new schools, new jobs and new moves in our new gym! Learning to embrace the new moves is an everyday challenge but that’s what life is about right!? Taking a big leap of faith!! …and so far we have been blessed with the transition.

So talking about new gym moves! Phase 1 of this training program has me lit! In the last 8 weeks, I’ve seen the results and look forward to completing all 6 Phases while training for American Ninja Warrior 2020! I am motivated, focused and have the confidence to keep working towards my warrior goal.

Just to give you an idea, I have hit my personal record (PR) in every workout routine in the program so far. To name a few, there is dead lifting, squatting and rows! As the program progresses, I plan to share some of my favorite exercises along the way. Are you excited?! …get excited!! WE GOT THIS!

Jennifer’s Motivation

Next Stop….GAINSVILLE!!!

Taking a break to enjoy the view along the way.

As our 26.2 marathon adventure came to its exciting closure, a new fitness adventure was waiting to be uncovered. REST, RECOVER, RESIST the urge to hit the gym!

I knew I was ready for something else to come our way in terms of a fitness goal. We had ran a total of more than 400+ training miles, put in hours and hours of dedication. Our bodies transformed into these running machines, and the feat alone was marvelous. But… I was waiting now for the other shoe to drop, to find that other piece to start the next chapter.

Truth be told, my body hit the panic button about 10 days after the marathon. Scrambling for answers, I did what any marathon noob would do and googled, ‘Post Marathon Depression’ and shocked by the results… “OH NO! Post Race Depression is an actual thing?!” So as I kept myself preoccupied for the time being in hopes to avoid slipping into post race depression.

With the ideas being thrown around between Sasha and I, we couldn’t agree on what we would be doing next. And it happened!!!! With an exciting slew of texts, Sasha had found the plan we had been searching high and low for.

Introducing, “Thinner, Leaner and Stronger, the simple science of building the ultimate female body” by Micheal Matthews; this book had every question answered that we had since Day 1 back in August 2017. Once I took these steps forward into making a change not only for my body, but for my mental, spiritual and emotionally strength as well… there was no turning back!

June 3, 2019 kicked off Phase 1 ( 8 Weeks)!!

Starting this phase was exciting because we got to go back to the basics of pushing, pulling and abs. I started at 185… honestly I did go off my nutrition plan after marathon training. With new happenings around my life, I wasn’t as disciplined as I wanted to be. Starting Phase 1 awakened my muscles and drove my motivation into high gear! I’ve seen the difference in just the 8 weeks and look forward to the next 5 phases. I’ve been able to PR in almost every exercise given, and I am completely behind the simple science given from Micheal Matthews.

Reach for your potential! …and be the first to witness the infinite possibilities.
“Beat that wall! – American Ninja Warrior

We are here to work! This new journey fuels our spirit on all levels of wellness. There are days we lose hope, so we focus on our faith, days we lose drive we focus on our nutrition and days we lose determination, we focus on our mental health. It is a constant balancing act.

From the moment we wake up, we push hard everyday in the gym to be ready for the days we get pushed down! The world does not give handouts but better believe we are WARRIOR ready! We plan to continue share this journey in hopes to inspire others!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!! Until our next post, pray strong and train strong. – Sasha and Jennifer

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